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The establishment of the website is an initiative that has been collectively discussed and put together by a group of Solomon Islands USP Students. This students have harnessed and pull together their different fields of studies to promote and provide an opportunity where Solomon Islands youths can discuss, debate and promote their views on how they can contribute positively to the development of Solomon Islands. This website is the first of its kind in which students recognize their potential in their field of study in the early stage of their education and help contribute to a positive change for the nation.

This website aims to;

  • Create an opportunity where educated youths can empower unemployed youths

  • To debate and discuss the youth policies of this nation

  • To promote social and academic potentials of Solomon Islands youths

  • To link youths to vacancy sites

  • To link internal Educational institutions with USP students and how resources amongst students of different institutions in Solomon Islands can be shared.

  • To advertise scholarships links, students volunteer schemes and many fun program for students
We thank you for your time and we look forward to your contributions to this very exciting endeavor that we have started. Tell us what you think!  We are always interested in your feedback about this website. Let us know how we are doing by posting your comments here.

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